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Roll A Die
Free to Use

This roller dice is absolutely free

Variety of Dice

From D6 to D20, all are available

Random Results

You will get random results everytime

Easy to Use

Just click on dice to roll it

Why You need an online Roller Dice?

Sometimes you have a Ludo board but you are not able to play it, sometimes you arrange the playing cards, distribute the whole deck among players but still not able to start the game, the cause is only one, you don’t have a dice. Many games are impossible to play without a dice and it’s the small thing that can be lost anytime. That’s why, online dice is a real need nowadays. It will help you keep your good time safe from getting a boring one due to the misplacement of one element. From Ludo and Monopoly to craps and Yahtzee, rolling a die determines the movement of the player. So if you don’t have a dice, then a dice roller online is perfect thing to help you out in this situation. Wondering about where you can roll the dice online? You are at the right place. is the place where you can roll a die several time for free and generate random results every time. Don’t worry if you lost your physical die, this dice roller online is the perfect platform to help you out in this situation. Whether you want to roll a dice for one time or want a virtual dice always active in your LUDO club, you don’t have to get any subscription of this dice roller to roll a dice and do it for free hundreds and thousand times.

Actually, dice are more central to the game instead of just being a tool. Many games are just useless without them. Dice roll are also linked with the luck you have in the game or even in the real life. But Nowadays, the existence of physical die is not as much as compulsory as it is before such an innovation in the digital world. You can roll the dice online as much time as you want without bothering others. Means each person can use a Roller dice on his own device and roll it as many times as required without letting others to wait for their turn. Need to Roll a Die? Or want to roll several dice at a time? We've got you covered. We have a great selection of Dice - from the standard dice, to pop-up color picking dice that can fulfill all your needs which you can expect from an online dice roller.

The die we all know is a cube having six sides. But, there is not that single one in the gaming world. In games like Dungeons and Dragons, 8 sided, 4 sided and D20 (20 sided Icosahedron dice are also used. Need those type of dies? don’t leave you alone in this situation. From pentagonal trapezohedron to dodecahedron, from d8 to d20 all dice are available here at

Roll a die! Or Roll the dice! Do whatever you want with this online dice roller:

Dice to Roll is the best Dice Roller online available on the web today for all your dice games with tons of exquisite features. You can roll a D6 die (6 sided dice) or you can Roll D20, D100, D8, D10, D12, D4, and more, all are available here. Roll the dice for games like Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) and Ship-Captain-Crew. This tool lets you add/remove dice sides so you can custom set your required dice with sides you wanted. You can Roll dice multiple times and every time the result will be randomly generated.

The randomness in results comes from atmospheric noise, which for many purposes is better than the pseudo-random number algorithms typically used in computer programs.

How to Roll the dice?

Roll a die using this online dice roller is very easy.

1. Click the die to start random rolling.

2. Click the Roll Button to simulate the rolling energy.

3. The result of the dice rolling will then be shown.

What is

Everybody Needs to Roll a Dice at Some Point in Their Life to Generate a random number-- And There's Never One Around When You Need It the Most!

Well... Now there is! Dice to Roll Developed Using Advanced Techniques! 😊

A Simple, Fast, Free and Online roller dice Always Available When You Need It.

Dice to Roll is a tool developed to virtually roll a die online. This Roller dice is a virtual version of traditional dice, typically generates results in 6 random sides in real-time., most innovative Dice roller available on web today, we developed this tool for generating random results in order to help people get rid of boring time and play ludo and other dice games. Now, this tool has found its way into mobiles, PCs and bookmarks bar of more than 3 million+ people worldwide with the widespread adoption of virtually rolling a dice due to its complete randomness, flawlessness and enhanced compatibility. Use it Now to experience its Power!

Every dice roll result this tool generates is completely random and logically attained with the help of atmospheric noise that is even more advanced than those old pseudo-random functions. No matter, how many times you roll the DICE, this tool gives random results that helps make best decisions. Just click the die and advanced algorithmic functions of this specially developed tool runs on the backend to roll the dice numerous times and then stops randomly without any special or programmed instruction. refers to Roller dice tools developed by our senior developer. We are proud to introduce you this online dice roller that is designed to be cool and helpful. This virtual dice aspires users to roll a die in just a single click and get results to make decisions in Ludo, DnD and backgammon. Moreover, this tool entirely works on the frontend and is designed with such protocols and functions on the backend that prevents any sorts of scamming and most of all this tool generates results in completely random manner to ensure diversity.

If this online roller dice is useful for you, we hope you'll share it in your social circle so it can help them too! If there's anything we can do to make it more entertaining rather than being simple, then please let us know! You can send us feedback by contacting us, or leave a comment (or both!).

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